So you’ve been saving up for years and now you’ve pooled enough resources to finally buy a home. As with many first-time home buyers, spending hard-earned money on such a big investment can incite nervousness and anxiety. There is a tremendous amount of financial responsibility involved as you are not just paying for the property but the added costs of stamp duty and mortgage insurance, among other things.

And yet, there are so many reasons why people opt to buy a house, particularly in Baulkham Hills. In recent years, property prices in many Sydney suburbs have noticeably gone up. Sydney’s Hills District is amongst those areas which have experienced exponential growth. Buying a home in Baulkham Hills? You have made the right choice as it is one of the most in-demand suburbs right now so reach out to One Agency Baulkham Hills to get the first pick.

Presenting a diverse range of career and schooling opportunities, the suburb provides you and your family what you need for social mobility. As a rapidly advancing area, Baulkham Hills’ momentum keeps going with the expansion of a rail network, Sydney Metro Northwest. Commercial prosperity is also strong with the proliferation of stores, restaurants and cafes.

Buying Your First Home

Once you are fully ready on a financial and emotional level, start making your first property purchase happen. A place to call your own will not only grant you a sense of safety and security, it will also make you feel more connected to the community.

Why should you buy a house instead of building one from the ground up? Well, there are several benefits that we at One Agency Baulkham Hills know to be true. In general, a home that has already been built will likely be located closer to a city centre than a newly built home. Blocks of land are hard to come by in inner-city areas so if you want to have easy access to the city, you would be better off purchasing an existing house.

Another thing to consider is overall land size. In the past, vacant lands for sale were much bigger than what exists in the market now. Basically, the entire land that an already built home sits on will cover more ground compared to land lots meant for new homes.

Save Plenty of Time

In addition, buying a house is a much faster process than constructing one. On average, it takes contractors to finish a home in about six to twelve months. Expect the projected time to be even longer for houses with more complex layouts and grander designs. You also have to take into account the potential of delays brought about by weather conditions, labour shortage, local council approvals, inaccurate time estimates and lack of communication with contractors.

The risks would be considered high, especially for potential homeowners running on a tight schedule. For the meantime, they will need to stay in their rental property until construction has been completed.

If you really want to speed things up, then buying a home is the most viable solution for you. People looking into a new home to move into will only have to allocate time for house hunting and coordinating with a real estate agent. After paying your deposit, you can settle into your house and start fresh—in as quick as a month’s time, depending on the contract.

The New Trend in Home-Buying

Mention the word “home” and images of a single detached house usually comes to mind. However, a report from Domain indicates that more people are now slowly moving away from that idea and moving into more modest townhouses. Now this booming trend is primarily influenced by budget constraints, with housing prices rising year after year.

Unlike apartments, townhouses offer more privacy and space. They usually come with a private yard or small garden for families and pets to play in. A likely shared area could be the driveway, if anything.

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