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Selling with the help of One Agency Baulkham Hills

29 March 2019

Baulkham Hills is surely one to watch in today’s residential real estate market. An excellent indicator that homes in the area are highly sought after is the annual growth statistics. The suburb has an impressive yearly growth of nearly thrice the Sydney average.

The area predominantly consists of liveable houses on sizable blocks of land. The consistent development of property additions and enhancements in the area points to the steady rise of the suburb. For Baulkham Hills locals looking to sell their residences, now is the perfect time.

If you plan to sell your own home, you might have come across suggestions on the best possible time to put it up on the market. Oftentimes, the information you get can be very contradictory. Whereas someone may tell you to sell in spring when the weather’s nice, another person might sway your mind to sell in winter for decreased competition.

We break down the warm and cold seasons to give you an idea of what to expect. Our recommendations are based on market data. Keep reading to know more about the ideal schedule for selling homes in Baulkham Hills.

Spring and Summer Sales

Typically, people choose to sell their homes in springtime. After all, everything is in bloom and more vivid than ever. The lush greens and the vibrant technicolour of flowers are a wonderful backdrop to any home. In addition, some families would also rather buy a new home before the arrival of summer and most especially before the start of a new school year.

There are families, however, who champion summer as the ideal time to sell. The reasoning behind it is that they can get a lot of spare time over the holidays, with kids being out of school as well.

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Autumn and Winter Wins

It may not be the traditional way to do it but putting up your home for sale in autumn or winter has its perks. For one, you get to take advantage of less competition from other sellers. This way, you get more buyers to yourself by default. Another reason for you to sell is the buyer attitude accompanying this time of the year. Anyone willing to brave the cold to go house-hunting is serious about investing in a new property.

While you want to make your home as bright and inviting as possible during the hotter months, the cooler climate encourages different decour. Styling your space with heavier fabrics and deeper shades will highlight the potential for cosiness and warmth.

Why Sell My Home Through One Agency Baulkham Hills?

When the data you have don’t align with what is viewed as an ideal sales time, it can be very confusing. Maybe you’ve been at this before and the indecision has driven you to postpone the sale in hopes of finding the right time.

As you know now, selling a house and making good money off of it can be accomplished at any time of the year. Selling houses and getting premium prices in the suburb of Baulkham Hills requires a mastery of the local market. The truth is, there is no foolproof formula for everyone as far as selling your own home goes. The whens and the whys are completely up to you.

But to help you decide on the best possible time to put up your property on the market, join forces with knowledgeable experts in the field. Speak to a reputable real estate agent who can share helpful insights that are specific to your area so you can begin planning the ideal date.

If you need more tips for selling your house, get in touch with One Agency Baulkham Hills. We always achieve the highest price for our vendors. Your home is worth more with One Agency Baulkham Hills. Call us to find out why on 02 9686 7999.

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